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Our apps are robust, high-performing, feature-packed and built to be both scalable and secure, able to handle any business and IT needs

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Mobile App is simply a web app that runs within a native app container. Meaning its faster and cheaper to develop than native app. Easy to maintain because a single update will work both on Android and IOS devices.

Why Choose wits IT solutions Hybrid App?

WITS is a hybrid mobile app developer company located in Lucena, Philippines. Our hybrid apps works both on Android and IOS. Over the years, we have specialized in providing a wide range of applications that are developed to achieve according to the goals and objectives of a business. Our main aim is to develop a mobile app that is efficient for all the operations of the business.

We strive to provide complete project transparency since day one, with full updates on the project status. We work with people behind the app to create a project with streamlined delivery, designed to match the client’s goals, budget and timeline. The services provided at will make the total interaction of advancement quicker, as a result of having similar code for various stages, so it is less expensive.

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Today more and more people prefer to buy articles through the internet and assisted technologies. The key factors driving this m-commerce revolution is social media, rising preference for mobile commerce, and other digital modes.


Real estate apps are software applications that are designed to improve the real estate transaction experience. Intended users include buyers, sellers, landlords, realtors, and real estate investors.


Function as an accessory to a regulated medical device or transform a mobile platform into a regulated medical device. Apps can help patients manage their own health and help healthcare practitioners facilitate and improve patient care.


An educational app is a piece of mobile software that is designed to help individuals with remote learning of any kind. The examples vary from apps teaching kids how to do basic math to apps acting as advanced professional training platforms for adults.


These apps are mainly used by almost everyone in the company, right from entry-level employee to the top management. Some common apps belonging to this category include calendars, schedulers, business card readers and more.


Travel being an important part of every person's life, these apps finds a lot of relevance in today's world. People find it very convenient to book travel tickets, hotels, and avail to sightseeing services with just a tap on their mobile phones.