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Easy to use Enrollment System that manage tuition, student and grades, admission, enrollment, financial aid, and school management for private and public schools.

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ESMS for Private and Public Schools in Philippines

WITS IT solutions offer ESMS or Enrollment and Student Management System that delivers simplicity and convenience to better manage a growing number of enrollments. It radically saves time, resources and costs involved by alleviating manual work and paper based processes.

Why Choose wits IT solutions Enrollment System?

Our readymade and custom ESMS works step by step streamlining processes from student initial inquiry to acceptance and enrollment. System is compatible with K12 or Senior High Courses, our ESMS script is the best solution for both public and private schools.

Designed specifically for small, medium and large-sized schools and colleges in Philippines, ESMS contains no complex features, just what you need. Streamlined business office modules link registration, billing, student payments, giving, and other transactions seamlessly into the integrated Accounting System for real time data access for effective decision-making.

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How it Works?

The system needs three(3) major accounts to function, 1st is registrar, 2nd is cashier/accounting and last is the professor account. First the registrar needs to fill out the students personal info such as firstname, lastname, date of birth etc., get the required documents from the students, then fill out the education info. After checking all the details next is to select student's course, level, school year and section. When all is done, it will proceed to next step that shows all available subjects for the enrolled course, level, school year and section. This subjects are encoded before the enrollment by registrar/admin account. After selecting all subjects, system will proceed to next step showing all the subjects, units and fees enrolled by the student and a button to print a hard copy of the enrollment for student and registrar.

Student now go to cashier and pay his/her enrollment fees. Cashier/accounting account to enter student number and the system will automatically search the latest enrollment made by the student. System will show student subjects, miscs, laboratory and unit fees. Student to pay initial deposit or full payment for the enrollment. All fees will be stored in system's database to know if student has balance or fully paid for the enrollment.

Upon next enrollment, system will recognize if student has balance and will notify registrar via notification popup that the student have balance to settle. Registrar can choose proceed or cancel enrollment until the remaining balance is settled.

Professor to encode student grades every quarter and system will auto compute total average of all quarters. System to save student's grade for each subject so that on next enrollment system will check if subject(s) has already been taken and passed by the student. All subjects taken and passed will be ignored by the system for the next enrollment.



The System Admin Module allows you to access and make changes to your Users, Subjects, Courses, Enrollments, Students, Student Grades, Curriculums and Professors. It also allows admin to view and print reports of enrollment, payment, TESDA and CHED.


Courses offered for registration. Only registrar access can add/edit or delete a course. School year curriculum for each courses. Subjects offered for all courses. Includes Subject Code, Description, Time, Day, Room and Units.


Handles student enrollment and payment. Enrollees to fill in personal information, course, year, school year and select subjects. Student to receive printed enrolled subjects, date and time and the total payment for the enrolled subjects.


Masterlist of students of all courses and school year this includes regular, irregular and drop outs. Module consist of student info, personal info, student grade, submitted documents, enrolled subjects, passed and failed subjects .


Acounting module is designed to provide the detailed ins and outs of money during enrollment. This includes enrollment payments, balance, discounts, reimbursements for drop student. The primary emphasis is to print reports of enrollment transactions.


Create a variety of daily, weekley, monthly and yearly custom reports to access data on students, enrollments, payments, balances, custom student personal information and special report for CHED and TESDA.

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